About Andrew Askaripour

Photography courtesy of Mateo Askaripour

Born of Jamaican and Iranian descent, Andrew Askaripour, also known as Fifth, is a creative from Long Island, New York who sheds light on his experiences in the world through varying mediums of expression. With a strong passion for photography, record production, cinematography, health, and spirituality, Andrew seeks to create genuine art that inspires others to lead courageous, fulfilling lives.

After completing his studies in Business Management and Audio Engineering at Five Towns College, Andrew decided to focus on his love for travel and interest in other cultures of the world. By traveling throughout South America, India, Sweden, and other regions, Andrew has developed a deep appreciation and understanding for the human experience shared by all people. With a passion for sharing his insights from his personal journeys, Andrew hopes to motivate his peers to dive deep into their own promising adventures.

When home, Andrew devotes his time working with innovative creatives from New York and other cities across the states. Through a deep and established connection to NYC culture, Andrew has had the opportunity to work on a myriad of albums, video productions, photo-shoots, commercials, and films with various talented artists such as Radamiz, A$AP Twelvyy, Chris Wattz, and most notably, internationally acclaimed film director Khalik Allah.

With a focus on projects and writings that carry themes of self-exploration, vulnerability, ancient wisdom, and self-development, Andrew seeks to depict and work with those who are radically striving for a greater sense of Peace not only within their own lives, but within their communities and relationships as well.

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