Last night I had a dream. A dream in which I was not able to help someone because I was afraid. I was not able to help them because I myself was in danger and felt as if I needed help. I had head in the wrong direction in an unfamiliar place and found myself extremely disjointed, panicked, and trapped upon a slippery slope; a narrow piece of land without much room to navigate. When this person appeared nearby who needed my help fell out of my grasp, deep into the Earth (or what looked like the underworld), I immediately realized that I could have helped them only if I had faced my illusory fear sooner and positioned myself more appropriately. I felt as if I could have offered more to them if I had done what was necessary for my own well being first, and in a more timely manner. I eventually “saved" myself and headed in the right direction towards my destination upon receiving this insight. 

Later in the dream I would find out that the person who fell into this dark hole, who I presumed was dead, was actually okay and landed exactly where they were suppose to. There was something of immense value for them waiting at the bottom of that dark hole. Not only was I not able to help them due to being in an unstable and insecure position myself, but it also was not my responsibility to save them.

This has been a reoccurring lesson for me from time to time. Having to face my own fears first, and taking care of myself before willingly taking on the responsibility of attempting to help someone else in what appears to be a time of need. When one is not on solid ground, it is extremely difficult to lift up another in need of assistance. And not only that, but perhaps that person is exactly where they need to be in order to grow and learn what is necessary for them.

Like it has for me, maybe this dream can serve as a reminder for you to become aware of what you need to work on for yourself. And to begin embodying the lessons that you have acquired on your path thus far. When the time is right and you are ready and capable of assisting someone along their path, a clear opportunity will present itself naturally, without a cloud of fear or anxiety surrounding it. For this is how I believe most healing exchanges actually occur: Through strength, courage, trust, and Love…Not fear. Remain honest with yourself and accept responsibility for your own situational needs in life. Address your fears as they arise, and do what is necessary in order to transcend them. In doing this you will better be able to play a role within the development of others, and of the World at large.


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