Cover Art:  ArtByShk.Com

Cover Art: ArtByShk.Com

Damn. It’s been three weeks since I’ve released my debut album that I have been working on for over five years now. And the response and acclaim I have received thus far from so many has truly been nothing short of monumental for me. Typing this from my girl’s apartment in Karlstad, Sweden, I dipped out of the country only two days after the project’s release on January 11th. To have the album be spread across the world and witness the impact it’s having on so many is really humbling for me. After hustling down to the last minute to get this record out, I’m grateful to be spending this time away from New York and having the proper space to soak up this special moment.

A shot from Portugal a few days after The Fifth Tape dropped. Photo Captured by my talented friend Christiana Eva.

Honestly, this entire release has been borderline overwhelming for me. The release of the album has consequently served as a massive emotional release for me. The creation process of this album was easily the most spiritual experience of my life thus far. Few close to me really know how much this album means to me and the amount of sacrifice it took to complete it in the manner in which I believe it deserved. I had a private listening event in Brooklyn the night before the project dropped, and I couldn’t help but to break down in tears upon hearing the album end; feeling all that love and support in the room from my loved ones was so nourishing and affirming for me. To those who were there, it was a night I will never forget. I hope to have some more Fifth Tape related events when I come back to the states in a few weeks.

One of the few photos I captured during my release party.

One of the few photos I captured during my release party.

So for all those who’ve been reaching out and letting me know how much you’re appreciated and enjoying the project, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The release of The Fifth Tape is just the beginning of what is to come from this album. Throughout the next few weeks and months you can look forward to a flurry of dope content surrounding this record and the process behind it’s creation. Music Videos, inside looks into recording sessions, personal writings and stories behind certain tracks, archival photos, and much more.

The album is out now on all streaming platforms, but if you can afford to support it by purchasing the album, that will help me most in continuing to produce more amazing content for this release! You can purchase the album via Itunes, or my Bandcamp for a reduced price. Vinyl and CD copies will be available in the coming weeks as well!

Above anything else: If you enjoy the music be sure to share it with your people! Let’s keep this movement going.

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