Peace Everyone. After a really momentous and rewarding week, these are some morning thoughts that ended up flowing into some free-form poetry. A contemplation on what it means to me to be a Light in this world, while also understanding the power and necessity of embracing the Darkness that we all originally emerge from. Hope these words resonate with some of you throughout your experiences.


The Embodiment of Light

How I perceive myself is how I will be seen by others.

This is a fact that I am far too familiar with.

The Darkness that engulfs us from the Genesis of creation is yet only a container.

From the womb of the Cosmos to the womb of our Mothers,

we are cradled by the depths of what is void. 

Here, Light has its opportunity to present itself in all of its splendor.

It is only in this darkness that light can exist and emerge out of.

It is the Union of these two entities that allow us to become who we are.

The illumination of our Being sheds wisdom and understanding into the

unknown and often avoided parts of ourselves. 

This Light allows us to see the Dark for what it is; and for what it holds.

One must be grateful for this realization,

for this polarity is our greatest teacher.

And as a student, there are many paths that all lead to the same point of understanding.

Many roads the Soul can travel during the Journey of Remembrance..

On my path, I choose to be The Embodiment of Light.

A vessel that carries the memories of the truth of our Beings.

A source of assurance and guidance for those, who like me, 

appreciate the gentle reminders of why we are all Here in the first place. 

I choose to be a Beacon of Light for those I care about most, and live to be

the strongest embodiment of what I believe is most important within this realm:

To Love, and be Loved, with an eternal sense of Forgiveness and Peace.

With this mission, I aspire to allow my Spirit to shine as bright as can be.