Peace Everyone.

This is a series I want to try my best to publish every weekend. A list of five records that helped propel me through my daily grind and overcome the challenges of the past week. Music, along with meditation, exercise, and a daily practice of gratitude, is what provides me the support and strength needed to have an effective week. Whether its a song to pump me up while working out, or a record that provides me comfort and reassurance when I am doubting myself, having a current selection of music that fits my weekly needs is paramount for my growth.

This Week’s Five Songs

  1. Benny The Butcher - “Fast Eddie”

Fire Emojis all over this shit. This was my go to record while at the gym this week. Benny is easily one of my favorite artists out right now. Go support that Tana Talk 3 now.

2. Anderson. Paak - “Trippy (feat. J.Cole)

Chris Dave absolutely hit it out of the park with the production on this record. This song paints a vivid picture of the zone I’ve been in while working on these various projects this past week. Proud of Anderson and his success with his latest album, Oxnard.

3. Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist - “Location Remote”

“And if he build the wall we gon’ bring the dope underground with us!”.. God Damn, this whole project has been on repeat for me since it dropped. I’ve dreamed of a full length collaborative effort from these three ever since Scottie Pippen from Covert Coupe dropped back in 2011. Fetti out now.

4. Mac Miller - “Perfect Circle / God Speed”

:( Not sure why I’ve been returning to one of Mac’s most chilling records since he passed. I guess the prophetic lyrics embedded on this song just move me in such a strong way.. Damn, Rest in Peace to one of my favorite musicians. Glad you left us with so much valuable music to continue exploring and learning from.

5. FifthGod - “Untitled (feat. Dot Demo)


For this last record I can only provide a snippet for you all of you to check out. This joint Blank Noriega, Dot Demo, and I cooked up is without a doubt one of my favorite off my upcoming LP, The Fifth Tape. I’ve been playing this joint non-stop, I can’t wait for all of you to hear this project in its entirety. Dot Demo just dropped some new heat as well, go support his latest project Nah Forreal now.