The following words were written in prose throughout a several month time span. Inspired by the growth I’ve experienced during my recent travels through Ecuador, Peru, and India. An attempt at articulating the sentiments of my Heart during these journeys of self discovery, personal healing, and the importance of remembering the value in the ancient teachings of the world.


Stopped writing so much

and got deeper into my head.

Thoughts flooded my dome,

and insecurities began to take hold.

Placed focus on my Heart

But forgot to attend to other organs

Spirit Lifted... Body became physically un-grounded.

Started speaking with plants more than those I use to hang around with.

Slung trees and ducked police to fund rare Visa Stamps.


Seat 33C and Cold Shivers led to

Mystical endeavors in Indigenous rivers.


Downloads from Archaic Mountains. Amulets of Strength placed within the Heart of a young King.

Tears of confusion and healing wishes.

Pops wondering where his Son went missing, not knowing he’s channeling HIS Wisdom.

Old Earth praying to our Ancestors for Deliverance of what’s owed to us;

Her Faith replenished their Spirits.

He Returned...

Polluted vessels cleansed, blurred again, then filtered through the Lens.

Apertures and focal lengths became his strength

Capturing Light like his beloved Elder; that Nikon saved both of our lives...

Returned to my Roots, found my Queen, crafted classic records, and pissed off the anticipating.

And throughout it all remembered the original purpose of this path...