Peace Everyone.

This is a series I want to try my best to publish every weekend. A list of five records that helped propel me through my daily grind and overcome the challenges of the past week. Music, along with meditation, exercise, and a daily practice of gratitude, is what provides me the support and strength needed to have an effective week. Whether its a song to pump me up while working out, or a record that provides me comfort and reassurance when I am doubting myself, having a current selection of music that fits my weekly needs is paramount for my growth.

This Week’s Five Songs

  1. Nas and Swizz Beatz - “Echo”

Hands down my favorite record from Nas in recent years. Can we please receive a full length album with this same energy and approach?

2. Black Star - “Thieves in the Night”

This song was in such heavy rotation for me during this time last year. It’s wild how the cycles of life help us return to certain sources of strength when we need it most. This is one of those records that if it weren’t for its existence, I would easily be a different person today. Shout out to the Gods Talib and Yasiin.

3. Dynospectrum - “The Winter Moon”

A certified underground classic. The exact vibe of this past week for me.

4. Blank Noriega - “Shadow Self”

“Sun casting in this physical realm, casting a shadow on my metaphysical self. Spirits follow me I hear them asking for help, I’m never alone…”

Most will never understand how much this record, and its lyrics mean to me and my Brother Blank. This record really spoke to me after all of the wild shit I’ve experienced this week.

5. Ab-Soul - “Be A Man”

Real talk from Soul.